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Our journey began in 2015 when the Sranks.org project was first introduced to the world. Since then, we've successfully helped millions of people solve a problem that has plagued web professionals since the invention of the Internet - how to make your site better. With the help of our service, we found ways to fix, speed up, optimize for mobile devices and thereby increase the overall performance of the site and positions in search engines. Knowing the problems and pitfalls of SEO first hand, we created our own methodology for checking sites and evaluating their rankings based on SEO and technical characteristics, and then put it all on a page with a simple but understandable design, which was developed by our IT specialists over the course of several years. After that, our tool began to be used not only by our colleagues, but also by other people: friends, friends of our friends who also have friends. They suggested a huge number of improvements, and we decided to take our product to the next level. That's when we created a modern and improved version of our product.

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